TRANS PIXS WORLDWIDE was one of the transportation industry's leading suppliers of images. In this section you will see a sample of the wide variety of transportation subjects that Larry Smith had available. Larry's photos were most recently used by Transport Topics, Traffic World, Air Commerce and Air Cargo World, Business Week, Time and U.S. News and World Report. We also feature a selection of photos from the WABTEC/WABCO Transit Division calendars that were produced by TRANS PIXS WORLDWIDE.
THE WORLD OF TRANSPORTATION: You will find photos of road, rail, sea and air transport, as well as rare, behind-the-scenes photos of rail car construction and jet aircraft repair.
MILITARY and GOVERNMENT: Larry Smith had access to places where most could never go, including inside a nuclear submarine and aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Our Air Force one page features stunning images taken during a visit of the President in Jacksonville in 1999.
AIRPORTS: Enjoy stunning photography of Jacksonville International Airport and Denver International Airport. In addition to the photos, you'll also find information about the airports.